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The Internet has become the integral part of our life, as we all are dependent on cyber world for our official or personal routine works. Young generations are habitual of sharing online their every move on the various social networking sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & WhatsApp etc. Sometimes they also shares their personal profiles, official positions, their area of work, place of origins or residences and even  details of their  financial status &  other sensitive information on these platforms, which may leads to make them victims of cyber crimes.

 As its well known fact that “Prevention Is Better Than Cure” means  “It’s better to hack yourself before someone hack you”. Hence there are dire needs of Cyber Security which deal with implementations of tools and techniques to make our IT Infrastructure secure. As If a computer system does not have proper safety controls then there are higher probabilities getting it’s compromised via malwares, malicious logics and hence, the data stored in that computer, servers, clouds may be accessed easily within no time which ultimately may leads to excessive loss to individuals or company. Cyber-attacks are frequently caused due to negligence and vulnerabilities.


Website of National Green Tribunal (NGT) was hacked by Pakistani Hackers after the surgical strike by Indian Armed Force in PoK. Cyber attacks hit banks: SBI blocks 6 lakh debit cards to ward off security threat. Recently, the Twitter and Pinterest  accounts of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg were hacked. These accounts were hacked by group called Our-Mine Team. The Official twitter handle of Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi was hacked and a series of abusive tweets were sent out from the handle to its 1.21 million followers.

Types of Cyber Crimes/Attacks

  1. Hacking

  2. Virus Dissemination

  3. Denial of Service Attacks (DoS)

  4. Email Bombing and spamming

  5. Phishing

  6. Logic Bombs

  7. Web Jacking

  8. Cyber Stalking

  9. Data Diddling

  10. Identity theft & Credit Card Frauds

  11. Salami Slicing Attacks

  12. Software Piracy